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The esports market is easy to find, despite the low number of occupations. ... We offer exceptional sports betting experience, no doubt about it.

Esport is an acronym for Electronics Sports. The gamers will compete against each other to determine victory or loss.

In recent years, the Esport entertainment field has made significant strides, the number of participating players is not inferior to other sports.

So what is esports betting? This is a form of betting on an e-sports game. For example, in major esports tournaments, there will be many teams competing against each other.

The dealer will make bets between the teams, and we as the players will choose which bet is reasonable and bet.

Why are so many people interested in e-sports betting?

Each game often has different strategies and matches, professional gamers will compete with each other, and the fans will have the opportunity to watch their favorite team play the games.

E-Sport Betting
Electronics Sports - The gamers will compete against each other to determine victory or loss

With the popular electronic sports games such as LOL, CSGo, Dota 2, and so on, organizers often prepare high value and attractive prizes for the winning team.

Other than that, the investors have spent a lot of money on advertising, and the dealer finds this piece of cake quite delicious, so it must be exploited.

Gradually, the position of Esports is continuously boosting and the number of fans following also increases over time. Previously, esports to the Malaysia market was still quite strange, not very popular.

But in recent years, the situation has changed, and players have had a better glimpse of esports games. Many teams have been formed to compete in international and local esports tournaments.

What games does esports include?

For antagonistic electronic sports games such as Fifa Online, Dota 2, League of Legends (LOL), CSGo, PUBG,… are often loved by many gamers.

E-Sport Game betting
E-Sport Game betting

Typically, online TV channels about entertainment such as Twitch, Nonolive, Youtube, ... the number of streamers participating are a lot and the source is not small.

Players can through the streaming channels of "famous people" and from there know better about esports genres.

The domestic professional sports tournaments have also since formed, plus external sponsors, inadvertently contributed to enhancing the professionalism of the tournament, attracting a large number of viewers.

 electronic sports
The term esports is short for electronic sports, and it refers to competitive video gaming.

For example, VCS A tournaments (game league of legends) are always well invested, including expert commentators on the game, huge prizes, and a large number of participating teams.

Esports Betting Rules

  • Official results from the contest governing body will be applied to betting results.
  • In the event of a match being suspended or not played then wagers have action only if it was held within 48 hours of the original schedule.
  • If the player or team with wrong nickname or smurf account then the bets will still be valid.
  • Bets are void in the event of a player / team cheating before the start of the match.
  • For live matches, bets are void when the match is resumed due to loss of signals or draw.

Should I participate in esports betting?

If you want to spend a lot of money betting on a team that you love, then you need to know all the information about that team, as well as the parameters related to the match that day.

Then, you must choose the right odds, detailing each information you collect. Whatever you do, you have to have a clear plan to make sure you win in hand.

E-sports betting has many different tournaments, you need to determine which game you will bet on.

Top 10 Game Esport betting
Electronics Sports - Top 10 Game Esport betting

For example, you would place a bet on dota 2, LOL or CS: GO,… Next, you have to learn the tournaments of each game in each region.

Esports betting currently has many different types of bets, depending on the dealer you join, there will be different types of bets.

  • Most traditional way is real money betting, which means you will choose the house bet and then place real money on the match. If the result of the match is what you predicted, you will win.
  • Skin bet: This is also a fairly common bet for esports titles today.
  • Winner Bet: You will bet on which team you predict will win the match, when the match is over if the team you catch wins then you win the bonus.
  • Score match for the match: That means you will catch the score for that round, the result of the match is exactly what you predicted, then you win.

Depending on the type of game there are different ways to bet, so when you are interested in esports betting, you need to be knowledgeable about the game you intend to bet on.

How to bet esports?

It is similar to betting on football, there are some basic types of betting such as:

lol 5vs5 betting
Electronics Sports - lol 5vs5 betting

Handicap: includes the handicap.

Over / Under betting: Predict the total number of goals scored by both teams to be Over or Under with a certain factor.

Odd / Even: predict both teams' total goals to score either odd or even.

For games that cannot be won after Game 2 has ended, markets include Game 3 - 4 - 5 (depending on the situation of the match). At this point, the prediction will become more intense and nervous.

In each tournament, there will be different rules, rules as well as structure. So take some time to learn about the league, the playstyle of both teams, and their current form before placing a bet.

Step 1: Visit the website and log in to your player account. For those who do not have an account, quickly sign up for an account yourself. It's very simple, just click on the box "Register" in the top right corner of the screen and fill in the required information, extremely fast.

Step 2: After successfully logging in / creating an account, please proceed to deposit by accessing "Finance Manager".

Step 3: After making a successful deposit, you start placing your bet by going directly to the ESPORT section. Here, you are free to choose different tournaments depending on the preference and timing of the event.

Step 4: Place your bet. First, check and select the odds by clicking on the appropriate odds, then click confirm in the displayed window. Then you proceed to choose your bet type. Example: bet on your favorite team to win,etc.

The last step is to enter the stake amount and press “Place now” to complete the esports bet and Esport Handicap.

Easy-to-win Esport betting experience

If you want to participate in esports sports betting, you must grasp some notes and experiences as follows:

Esport betting experience
Esport betting experience
  • Learn carefully about the e-sports game you intend to participate in, You must have an overview of the game. Know the rules of the game you are betting on, how to play, and so on. 
  • Learn more about gamers, judge them through the history of the game, through general groups. This helps you to make an accurate judgment about the winning potential of the team you are interested in.
  • Don't be greedy, bet it all on one match, one handicap.
  • Tracking statistics of related data that the K8 provides, that is all useful information. 
  • Refer other gamers, they will help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each level. From there you can draw your own comments and bets.
  • Choose ladder bet when playing Esport, this is a pretty smart way for players to bet. Because this way you will have a very low start, when you see the advantage you will raise the bet at the appropriate odds. If your bet does not have an advantage, when changing it you do not lose too much capital.
  • Don’t follow the crowd mentality, this is the most remarkable point when playing sports betting. Because not every bet that many players bet on has a high win rate. Sometimes the victory is in low markets that few people pay attention.
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E-Sport Betting - Great chance to win

Esport is an acronym for Electronics Sports. The gamers will compete against each other to determine victory or loss. In recent years, the Esport entertainment field has made significant strides, the number of participating players is not inferior to other sports. So what is esports betting? This is a form of betting on an e-sports […]

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