Tips and Tricks to Play Online Baccarat

July 4, 2022

There is no such authentic baccarat winning formula. However, there are certain baccarat strategy that can be used by the players to win a game.

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Nowadays people prefer to play at home on a laptop or on a phone. There are no specific strategies associated with online baccarat that can ensure 100% win but there are certain tip and tricks which players can follow to maximize their chances of a win.


Betting Tips and Tricks

Some of the baccarat tip and tricks are as follow:

Never bet on a tie

The number one baccarat strategy today is that players should avoid betting on a tie as much as possible else feel very lucky. The player should rather place his bet more often on the player or the banker because these betting options come with lower risks and higher winning potential.

Bet on banker

Banker pays one for one and comes with a low house edge of 1.06% but remember that players are required to pay a five percent house commission whenever player wins with the banker.

The House edge when the player bets with a banker are slightly low i.e. 1.06% than the house edge of 1.24% when the player bets with the player’s hand. Players will win 45.86% with a banker bet compared to 44.62% with a player bet.

Fewer decks

Preference should be given to the game by the player played with fewer decks. Games with a lower number of decks have a low house edge.

Follow instinct

The player should not take the decision based on the result of the previous games rather every game is a new event.

Manage bank roll

Player should not bet more than his rollback, hoping to recover the losses. Once the rollback got exhausted a player should leave the casino and try for luck on some other day.


Practice hard to improve the results. Many online casinos offer trial games. One can polish his skills by playing trial games before wagering.

Select low commission baccarat table

Some casinos offer a low commission table i.e. 4% less than the traditional 5%.


Baccarat Betting Systems

Negative progression system

In this system, the player decreases its bet when wins and increases its bet when loses e.g martingale strategy.

Positive progression system

This system is the opposite of the negative progression system. In this system, the player decreases their bet when loses and increases their bet when wins e.g oscar’s grind.

Flat betting

There is no strategy involved in this system. Players place the same bet throughout. There is no change in betting amount therefore, the word flat betting is used.


Betting Strategies

There is no such authentic baccarat winning formula. However, there are certain baccarat strategies that can be used by the players to win a game. Some of them are as follows:

Martingale strategy

This strategy is as old as gambling itself. It's a strategy that cuts across most gambling options. According to this strategy player should double his bet after every loss for example if a player makes a bet of twenty dollars and lose then the player should bet forty dollars in the next game if the player also loses that forty dollars, he should then bet eighty dollars next time around and the sequence goes on until player wins.

This strategy work best for the players with a high bankroll it is not for players that do not have enough to bet. This is the flaw of the martingale strategy. The player might keep piling up losses. Moreover, the doubled bets might end up exceeding the online baccarat software bet limit.


Parolee strategy

This strategy works almost in the direction opposite to the martingale. A player should double his stake after recording a win for example if a player makes an initial bet of twenty dollars and win, he should bet forty dollars next.

However, the player bet goes back to the initial twenty dollars every time he records a loss. The idea of this parolee strategy is that players should record a win and keep the profit.

This strategy dictates that player return to the initial bet every time he records three wins. The downside of this strategy is that it can be frustrating especially if the player is not going on any winning streak. Players might even lose all the accumulated profit.


Oscar’s grind

This is a systematic approach to betting. In oscar's grind strategy player first set a unit bet for instance he can have one unit for four dollars.

Player’s first one unit bet doubles if he wins the initial bet. So, the next bet after a win will be eight dollars if he wins this too, the next bet will be sixteen dollars, and so on.

If a player loses at some point he does not go back to his initial one-unit bet. He will continue betting with the amount he betted in the last round until another win. After this, he can double the bet again and this goes on until he finally reaches the game's maximum bet. 

This trick is super awesome since it allows punters to recoup lost bets and keep the profit. However, the game's maximum limit might prevent the players from continuing double stakes. Moreover, this strategy only works best for high rollers.


Baccarat Scoreboard

Baccarat scoreboard is used to keep a check on the score. It is very easy to make a scoreboard. Face value of the player and banker cards are written on the board and are calculated at the end of the game, whoever gets the score of 8 or 9 wins. The purpose of the scoreboard is to make a prediction about the next move.


Baccarat Card Counting

Record of the card dealt from a shoe is kept by baccarat counting card. On the basis of the card, the counting player can plan his next move. Cards with high face value favor the player, whereas cards with low face value favor the dealer.


Baccarat Strategy Simulations

Baccarat strategy simulations are mathematical predictions. These predictions are done using pre-dealt shoe data. Players can strategies their game based on these baccarat strategy stimulations.

Some online casinos provide the players with the facility of baccarat calculator. Players can use the baccarat calculator to calculate chances of triumph and house edge.


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